PathAguard Luca-Silver ionic bag for the treatment of leg ulcers


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PathAguard LUCA is an FDA class 1 medical device, which is an extremely effective method for reducing infections, helping to clean and treat lower extremity ulcers and wounds. The product is protected with silver ion technology, which is designed to reduce the potential for the growth of pathogens. This is a cost-effective and special method that can be used in Hospitals, in clinical settings, in Social Institutions and Home Care.

reducing the number of pathogens
improving quality of life
high efficiency

polyethylene bag made with silver ion technology, in two different sizes

It reduces the growth of pathogens on products
FDA class 1 medical device
CE certificate
Tested and proven under laboratory conditions
Latex-free, disposable bag
Made from recyclable materials
Use of Biomaster silver ion technology
It reduces the number of SARS-COV-2 viruses to 54.29% in 6 hours

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