PathAguard SAFESHEET- Safety sheet for medical interventions


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The PathAguard Safety Sheet is a safety sheet for use in clinical and community settings. An extremely effective way to reduce the risk of cross-contamination of surfaces and equipment.


Cross-contamination remains a challenge when working in community and healthcare settings. At CMC Hygea Ltd., we have created the PathAguard safety sheet to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination during medical care for patients.

Introducing the PathAguard Protection Sheet:

The PathAguard security sheet is impregnated with Biomaster Silver technology to prevent the growth of pathogens on the product.

The disposable safety sheet provides a clean and hygienic work surface.


Safety sheet that prevents the growth of pathogens on its surface.
Provides a clean and hygienic surface during clinical procedures.
Patient and healthcare provider satisfaction is high
Biomaster using silver ion technology
Multifunctional medical device
Cost-efficient solution
Recyclable material

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